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church concert series

Leonard and Tinney Duo 
violin and piano duo. Touring October 2012
July Quintet 
St.Mary's Cathedral Tuam 19 July 2012
Clarinet Trio Touring July 2012 
Carol McGonnell, Elizabeth Cooney, Finghin Collins
eX Early Music Ensemble 
St.Mary's Cathedral Tuam Co.Galway 9 June 2012
Callino Quartet with Sarah Beaty 
Clarinet Quintet Touring March 2012
Leonard and Tinney Duo Tour 
Westport, Clonmel, Limerick October 2011
Resurgam Choir 
October 2011 Tuam
Maria McGarry and Sylvia O'Brien 
Tuam August 2011
Callino Quartet & Friends 
Octet July 2011
Church Classics 2011 
St.Mary's Cathedral Tuam Co.Galway
Church Classics 2010 
Callino Quartet October 09 
St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick
Church Classics Summer 09 
Tuam and Limerick
The Last Rose of Summer 
August 2009
Hunka Dunne Duo 
July 2009
Callino Quartet  
June 09
Elizabeth Cooney and Redmond O'Toole  
August 2008
Callino Quartet and Redmond O'Toole  
February 2008
Kalouso Trio  
March 2008
Church Classics 2007 
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